GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. — Baker Perkins now offers the SBX Master 125, a twin-screw extruder that offers snack manufacturers higher capacities over a range of end products. Nominal throughput is 2,300 kg/hour of direct expanded products, which compares with the previous maximum of 1,500 kg/hour.

In the snacks industry, a standard line may be extended in stages to produce a range of high-specification snacks, including whole grain, multigrain and sweet-filled or savory-filled items.

The SBX Master incorporates a motor and gearbox combination doubling the torque capacity of previous generation extruders. The high torque increases throughput, enhances product consistency and extends the range of products that may be made through an ability to handle denser materials, according to Baker Perkins, which has offices in Peterborough, United Kingdom, and Grand Rapids. A modular barrel enables the length of each machine to be matched precisely to the customer’s process application and enables extension later as production needs change.