RIDGWAY, COLO. — Allen L. Shiver, president of Flowers Foods, Inc., has been elected co-chairman of the Grain Foods Foundation. Breck Barton, president of Cereal Food Processors, Inc., will continue as co-chairman.
Mr. Shiver has been active with the G.F.F. for several years. He served on the board of trustees since 2007 and earlier headed the foundation’s marketing committee.

“Allen has played an integral role in G.F.F. over the years,” said Judi Adams, president of the foundation. “We look forward to his leadership and guidance along with miller co-chair, Breck Barton.”

Mr. Shiver will hold the co-chair position traditionally filled by a member of the baking industry, succeeding in that position Joel Crowder of The Kroger Co. Mr. Crowder has served as a trustee since 2004 and was the baker co-chair for five years. Before that he was chairman of the G.F.F. marketing committee. Mr. Crowder, who informed the board in March of his plans to step down, will remain on the board of trustees.

Mr. Shiver has been president of Flowers Foods since January 2010. He served successively as bakery president, regional vice-president, and executive vice-president of operations. In 2002, he was promoted to president and chief operating officer of Flowers’ food service and snack cake operations. In 2005, he took on the additional responsibility of providing direction for the company’s marketing and new product development efforts.

Mr. Shiver currently is chairman of the American Bakers Association.

Mr. Barton has served on the G.F.F. board of trustees since 2005 and has been co-chairman since 2008. He has been with Cereal Food Processors since 1995. Before that he held various positions with ConAgra Flour Mills including vice-president and general manager of the Western Milling Division of ConAgra, and vice-president of sales. Earlier in his career he was a merchandiser with Cargill. Mr. Barton is a graduate of University of Missouri.