QUINCY, MASS. — Bay State Milling Co. has commissioned a new specialty milling unit at its Winona, Minn., flour mill.

The company said the mill would not be limited to wheat milling but would grind a “broad assortment of cereal grains” into different milled products with a particular eye toward health and wellness.

“The expansion and investment is integral to the company’s mission and purpose of delivering value-added grain-based ingredients for its customers,” the company said.

The addition of the specialty flour unit raises daily milling capacity at the storied Bay State mill to 26,600 cwts from 24,100, as published in the 2011 Grain & Milling Annual. It remains the fifth largest flour mill in the United States, just behind a Horizon Milling mill in Wichita and a General Mills mill in Kansas City, each with 27,000 cwts of daily milling capacity.

The addition raises Bay State’s total daily flour milling capacity to 83,600 cwts, leaving the company as the nation’s fifth largest milling company.

“Our new specialty mill will allow us to better serve existing customers with a broader variety of offerings, including grain types, granulations, and identity preservation as well as attract new customers seeking flours and grain blends with superior flavor, appearance, texture, functionality and health benefits,” said Doug DeWitt, vice-president of customer and business development.

Winona is the site of Bay State’s first flour mill, acquired in 1899. The mill was later destroyed by fire and rebuilt. It has been expanded and modernized many times over the years. The company also operates flour mills in Tolleson, Ariz.; Platteville, Colo.; Indiantown, Fla.; Clifton, N.J.; and Mooresville, N.C.