CHICAGO — David A. Gardner was re-elected chairman of the board of directors at the annual conference of The Long Co. held Sept. 22-23 at the Peninsula hotel in Chicago.

Mr. Gardner is president and chief executive officer of Alfred Nickles Bakery, Inc., Navarre, Ohio. Also re-elected to terms on the board were Howard R. (Robin) Alton III, president and c.e.o. of Pan-O-Gold Baking Co., St. Cloud, Minn., as vice-chairman; Raul Buso, vice-president of finance for Holsum de Puerto Rico in Toa Baja, P.R., as treasurer; and Ken Waltos, vice-president of purchasing for United States Bakery in Portland, Ore., as a director.

H. Dean Short, senior vice-president of sales and distribution at Lewis Bakeries in Evansville, Ind., was elected secretary.

Also at the meeting, several awards were presented.

Butter Krust Bakery, a division of Sara Lee, Sunbury, Pa., was awarded the Holsum Silver Cup annual trophy for excellence in bread production. All Holsum bakers have the opportunity to send in bread production monthly for scoring. Butter Krust will receive the silver cup and will be able to incorporate a burst on their packaging declaring them the winner.

Al Bachman, director of quality, research and development at The Long Co., presented the award at the licensee meeting to James Apple of Butter Krust. It was the second time Butter Krust has won the competition, garnering a score of 95.64 out of 100. W.E. Long obtained the exclusive right to the Holsum brand name in 1908.

In its Best Premium Bread Silver Cup annual competition, Holsum Bakery, a division of Flowers Foods, Inc., won. Holsum’s bakery in Phoenix scored 95.77 points out of a possible 100 points.

In its Best Premium Bun Gold Cup annual competition, Klosterman Baking Co. won. Klosterman’s plant in Morristown, Ohio, came in first, with a score of 95.66.

More than 70 wholesale bakeries sent premium bread samples to The Long Co. for scoring. The samples were rated for qualities such as crust thickness and color, interior grain and uniformity of cell structure, flavor, aroma and general eating qualities.