QUINCY, MASS. — Bay State Milling Co. has partnered with exclusive growers to offer OrganicEssentials Whole Spelt and OrganicEssentials White Spelt flour. The products are Bay State’s first offering of an ancient grain as it expands its portfolio of flours and grain-based ingredients to offer new tastes and textures for product innovation.

In addition, GrainEssentials Multi-Grain Flour Blend combines whole wheat, oat and rye flours milled for optimal performance and blended with golden flax seeds to provide 83% whole grains, 14% dietary fiber, 2.5% soluble fiber and 3.4% omega-3 fatty acids.

Bay State said the flours are geared toward commercial bakeries, food manufacturers, and food service providers looking for alternative grains and grain blends.

“We are excited to bring these new products to our customers and to help them develop unique grain-based foods with improved nutrition and great taste,” said Colleen Zammer, director of public marketing at Bay State. “It is our goal to make it easier for consumers to enjoy more whole grains in their diets.”