MINNEAPOLIS — Malt-O-Meal Co., which was founded in 1919 as the Campbell Cereal Co. and later renamed in 1953 as the Malt-O-Meal Co., is undergoing another corporate name change, this time to MOM Brands.

“Our new corporate identity is a better fit for the wide range of products that we now offer,” said Chris Neugent, chairman and chief executive officer of MOM Brands. “We approach our business differently than our competitors, and that is what makes us so successful. We’re committed to producing high quality cereal, making our retail customers profitable, and saving families money.”

Mr. Neugent said Malt-O-Meal will continue to be a brand name but will no longer be the company name.

“We’re not the same company we were 10 years ago, and we wanted a name to reflect the company we’ve grown to be,” he said. “MOM Brands is a great platform for all of our brands.”

In addition to Malt-O-Meal, the company’s brands include Better Oats, Mom’s Best Naturals, Three Sisters, Bear River Valley, Isabel’s Way, Farina Mills, and Sally’s Natural Cereals.

The company has launched a new web site at www.mombrands.com and will gradually introduce the MOM Brands to packaging over time.