COLUMBUS, OHIO — Soy slightly altered the texture and water properties of par-baked flatbread, but the formulations were more stable during frozen storage in a study at The Ohio State University that appeared on-line Feb. 20 in Food Research International.

Researchers formulated flatbread with soy ingredients at the percentages of 0%, 10%, 20% and 26% by weight of added ingredients. The dough was baked partially to about 75% of completion and then stored at minus-18 degrees Celsius for 14 days. Researchers then thawed and analyzed the dough for moisture content and texture properties such as hardness.

Freezing increased the hardness and chewiness and decreased the springiness of par-baked wheat bread, but 10% soy bread did not show a change in chewiness, hardness or springiness upon freezing. Data suggest adding soy increased mobility of the water.