CHICAGO — Gonnella Frozen Products, L.L.C., a part of the Gonnella Baking Co., has awarded two “Rising to the Top” scholarships to students at AIB International in Manhattan, Kas.

Tiffany Rubio and Freddie Thomas, both of Junction City, Kas., have received scholarships of $7,000 each. The funds cover the majority of tuition for AIB’s Science and Technology Resident Course and combine with other existing scholarships to ensure both students may attend the school for free.

“Gonnella is thrilled to support these outstanding bakers who share our commitment to quality,” said Meg McDonnell, vice-president of sales at Gonnella.

Gonnella said Ms. Rubio and Mr. Thomas were awarded scholarships because of their professional and academic qualifications and years of experience within the baking industry. The company also recognized both students for their military service within the culinary services departments as further rationale for awarding the scholarships.

Both students are participating in AIB’s Baking Science and Technology Course, which provides students with nearly 600 hours of coursework in subjects ranging from bread and roll production to production/operations management.

Gonnella announced the “Rising to the Top” scholarship program last year as part of a yearlong celebration in honor of the Chicago-based, family-owned and operated company’s 125th anniversary.

“After 125 years of building our business, we wanted to give back to the baking industry, which has given Gonnella so much over the years,” Ms. McDonnell said.