LA JOLLA, CALIF. — Kashi, a business unit of the Kellogg Co., plans to expand the company’s availability of organic and Non-G.M.O. Project Verified Foods. By the end of 2014, all Kashi Golean cereals and Kashi Chewy Granola Bars will be Non-G.M.O. Project Verified, and, beginning in 2015, all new Kashi products introduced into the market will contain at least 70% organic ingredients and also will be Non-G.M.O. Project Verified, according to the company.

“This commitment meets the ever-evolving needs of our consumers,” said David DeSouza, general manager at Kashi. “As one of the largest food brands in the natural and organic marketplace, we are in a unique position to make a sizeable, positive impact on the food system.”

The announcement by the Kellogg business unit comes on the heels of a story that appeared in the USA Today newspaper detailing the responses of consumers who believe Kashi has abused the use of the term “natural” in label claims and included ingredients from bioengineered organisms in its products. The USA Today story was prompted by a report published by the Cornucopia Institute titled “Cereal crimes” that was a “scorecard” that compared various organic and natural brands of cereals.
In the report the group said it identified bioengineered soy in a Kashi product.