HEERLEN, THE NETHERLANDS — DSM has launched three nutritional platforms in “Essentials for vegetarians,” “Energize your mind” and “Relax your mind.”

“Essentials for Vegetarians” emphasizes a range of vitamins, minerals and functional ingredients geared toward the specific requirements of vegetarians. The DSM ingredient life’sDHA, which is derived from algae, allows vegetarians to consume omega-3 fatty acids without eating fish. Other ingredients provide calcium, vitamin D, protein and vitamin B12 for vegetarians.

“With approximately 1.4 billion people following a vegetarian or near-vegetarian diet for various reasons, demand for targeted products is increasing among consumers,” said Doug Brown, marketing manager for “Essentials for vegetarians.” “Complementing our already extensive range of animal-free ingredient solutions, ‘Essentials for vegetarians’ enables food, beverage and dietary supplement manufacturers to develop successful products for this flourishing market.”

The “Energize your mind” platform features ginkgo biloba extract, which has been shown to boost mood and alertness, and coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), which has been shown to support cellular energy production as natural levels decline. The “Relax your mind” platform features lemon balm and chamomile, which have been shown to have a positive effect on mood and reducing symptoms of nervous tension.

“There is rising awareness of the role that certain nutritional ingredients can play in supporting mind health, and the market for food, beverages and dietary supplements that energize or relax the mind is predicted rapid growth,” said Jacob Bauley, global marketing manager at DSM, based in Heerlen. “Around 20% of the body’s energy is required by the brain to support thought processes and give a sense of feeling awake and alert, and relaxation and sleep are also essential for health and well-being.

“‘Energize your mind’ and ‘relax your mind’ use the latest consumer insights to provide the combinations of ingredients that can help manufacturers tap into rising consumer demand for innovative mind health products.”