BATTLE CREEK, MICH. — The Kellogg Co. has completed a major brand overhaul that includes a redesigned web site, a new tagline and a broad and unified approach to promoting the power of breakfast.

“Ensuring that an iconic and hugely successful 106-year-old consumer brand is as relevant today as when it was first launched is no easy feat,” said Mark Baynes, chief marketing officer at Kellogg. “Refreshing the Kellogg’s brand, which has been trusted by generations of consumers, required careful research and thinking, and these changes help us better convey our brand’s purpose and values to today’s consumers.”

Kellogg’s new tagline is “Let’s Make Today Great,” which the company said reflects the reasons consumers worldwide choose Kellogg’s brands for the best start to their days. Previously, the tagline most associated with Kellogg was “The Best To You Each Morning...from Kellogg’s.”

Additionally, Kellogg is adopting distinctly bright visual graphics and images that better reflect company and consumer values of optimism, as well as a more conversational tone that supports the relationships consumers want to have with brands today, particularly in the social and digital worlds.

Kellogg said it also will take a broad and unified approach to promote the power of breakfast through master brand-level programs, such as the Kellogg’s “Share Your Breakfast” program, a campaign to help the 1 in 5 U.S. children who live in homes where breakfast is hard to come by.

“While our master brand has tremendous resonance with consumers, we knew we had an opportunity to further invest in the Kellogg’s brand to strengthen our business and grow with our consumers,” said Kim Miller, senior vice-president of global brands at Kellogg. “By refreshing our brand in ways consumers will continue to relate to, we can build on current relationships and establish strong new ones for the future.”

In shifting to be more in tune with the social and digital media, Kellogg has redesigned its web site at Enhancements that optimize viewing capability on mobile and tablet devices, as well as expand options for searching, printing, emailing and socially sharing content have been added.

“We are excited about the vibrant refresh for our iconic Kellogg’s brand and our evolving marketing approach,” Mr. Baynes said. “The Kellogg’s brand has been meaningful to consumers for more than a century. Today, we’re driving consumer engagement in ways Mr. Kellogg might never have imagined as we continue his legacy of building brands that matter.”