MISSISSAUGA, ONT. — The Canadian government will invest more than $240,000 in S. Gumpert Co. of Canada to purchase and install new packaging equipment in its facility in Mississauga.

“Our government’s top priority is creating jobs, growth, and building long-term economic prosperity for Canadians,” said Wladyslaw Lizon, a member of parliament. “This investment will help S. Gumpert Co. of Canada enhance its productivity and increase demand for our farmers’ products, benefitting not only the processing sector but the entire agriculture industry.”

S. Gumpert specializes in products such as cake mixes, icing and pie fillings for use in the baking industry. The investment will be used to purchase new packaging equipment. Currently, the company said it must transport some of its products to a co-packer because its equipment does not have the capacity to package all of its mixes. The new and faster equipment will be able to handle larger volumes of food and enable the company to package everything on site, S. Gumpert said.

“A new line means a competitive infrastructure-a combination of people, capital equipment, and productive processes,” said Dan McPherson, president of S. Gumpert. “This combination ensures a structure for growth, market sustainability, and job stability/creation.”