To all management executives:

The success of your company depends on the caliber of the managers that run your plants. As upper management, you rely on these key individuals to keep your most valued property — your facility — running smoothly and efficiently. They can be your greatest assets to manufacturing a quality product and providing a healthy bottom line.

To recognize the plant operator’s importance to our industry, we invite your nominations for the 2010 Baking & Snack OPERATIONS EXECUTIVE OF THE YEAR.

If you work with a plant manager or operations executive who...

• Puts forth extraordinary effort toward management activities
• Plays an instrumental role in improving plant efficiencies through improved technology, purchasing decisions and labor relations
• Maintains personnel standards by setting a shining example and keeping lines of communication open
• Exhibits an overall progressive attitude toward plant operations and future plans

...then he or she deserves to be nominated for this distinction.

To complete your nomination, fill out the enclosed form, attach a detailed description of your candidate’s qualifications, and return it by fax no later than September 24, 2010. An independent panel will review all entries. If your candidate is selected, you will be notified first.

The winner of our 2010 Operations Executive of the Year will be notified mid-October and announced to the industry in our December 2010 issue, with a feature about the winner.

If you have any questions, contact me at (816) 756-1000 or e-mail at We look forward to hearing from you.

Steve Berne, Editor
Baking & Snack


Nomination Form

Required Information: Entry Deadline: September 24, 2010
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Nominee’s title:

Nominee’s company:

Person submitting nomination:
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Please explain in detail why your nominee deserves to be recognized as Baking & Snack’s Operations Executive of the Year. (Use additional sheets as necessary. Attach news clips or other materials supporting your nomination.)

Return all entries to:
Steve Berne, Editor
Baking & Snack
Sosland Publishing Co.4800 Main St., Ste.100
Kansas City, MO 64112
Phone: (816) 756-1000
Fax: (816) 756-0494

Entry Deadline: September 24, 2010


Previous winners of the Operations Executive of the Year award were:

2009: Al Sautner, Otis Spunkmeyer
2008: Tony Dalo, Aunt Millies Bakery
2007: Gary Brodsky, East Balt
2006: Bill Hayman, Vista Bakery
2005: Barry Blackwell at The Kroger Co.
2004: Mark Borland at Panera Bread
2003: Rick Ferguson at Pepperidge Farm
2002: Robert Creighton at New Horizons Baking
2001: Robert Benton at Flowers Bakeries
2000: Mike Frazer at Piantedosi Baking
1999: Mike Swanson at Earthgrains (now Sara Lee)
1998: Mike Eller at Interstate Bakeries
1997: David Granger at Alpha Baking
1996: Bob Solano at Mission Foods
1995: Jack Hart at Metz Baking (now Sara Lee)
1994: Art Morton at Nabisco (now Kraft Biscuit)