ST. LOUIS — Monsanto Co. has received regulatory approval for two new products — Genuity VT Triple PRO corn in Argentina and Bt Roundup Ready 2 Yield (BtRR2Y) soybeans in Brazil — paving the way for corn and soybean farmers in Latin America to support the region’s growing demands for food and feed.

“These approvals are great news for our farmer customers in Brazil and Argentina,” said Brett Begemann, executive vice-president of seeds and traits for Monsanto. “It’s a promising recognition of technology’s contribution to agriculture in helping to meet the world’s growing grain demands more sustainably.”

In Argentina, the company has received full regulatory approval for Genuity VT Triple PRO corn, which represents the first Genuity trait launched from Monsanto’s pipeline in South America. According to Monsanto, Genuity VT Triple PRO corn provides a broader spectrum of insect control for below-and above-ground insects, resulting in higher yield potential and better crop stability. The next and last step prior to commercialization is hybrid registration, which Monsanto said it expects to complete this month.

In Brazil, Monsanto has received full regulatory approval for insect-protected and glyphosate-tolerant BtRR2Y soybeans from the National Technical Biosafety Committee (CTNBio). Monsanto said the BtRR2Y soybean represents the first trait the company has developed specifically for a market outside the United States and the only soybean to combine Bt insect-protection technology with herbicide tolerance, which together provide a higher yield opportunity. BtRR2Y soybeans will be introduced in Brazil after import approvals in important markets are secured, the company said.