OMAHA – ConAgra Mills has begun milling premium-quality rice for the Puerto Rican market through its Molinos de Puerto Rico business unit. The company will mill and package the medium-grain rice in 3-lb paper bags for the retail market, and it also may package rice into 20-lb plastic bags or bulk packaging. The milling unit has the capacity to produce 180 million lbs of packaged rice.

“The added capabilities at our Molinos de Puerto Rico complex are an example of the innovation that our organization strives to deliver,” said Bill Stouffer, president of ConAgra Mills. “By listening to and investing in the unique needs of the Puerto Rican market, we are better able to serve our customers not only in Puerto Rico but also in the surrounding area.”

Molinos de Puerto Rico in 2009 added a unit dedicated to producing Ultragrain, a whole wheat flour that provides the benefits of whole grain nutrition with the texture, flavor and color of refined white flour, according to ConAgra Mills. Molinos de Puerto Rico also produces various products for retail under the Amapola brand. The products include wheat flour, self-rising flour, corn flour, cremita and oatmeal.