LONDON — Craft bakers may use a new on-line calculator to reduce the amount of salt in their bread, according to the United Kingdom’s Food Standards Agency. When using the calculator and a guide, bakers may identify how much flour and salt they use in grams, pounds or ounces, which will allow them to find how much salt is in the final bread product.

The F.S.A. has a 2012 salt target for bread of 1 gram of salt per 100 grams of final product. Research by the F.S.A., the National Association of Master Bakers and Norfolk County Council showed bakers may reduce the salt level in bread by 25% over six weeks without customers noticing the difference.

Bread sampled from 25 craft bakers across Norfolk and Derbyshire in the United Kingdom showed salt levels in final products ranged from 0.94 grams of salt per 100 grams to 1.73 grams of salt per 100 grams. Thus, a person eating four average slices of bread might be eating 1.17 more grams of salt per day if they bought their bread from the craft baker with the highest salt levels compared with the craft baker with the lowest levels.

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