LONDON — The Kellogg Co. is adding vitamin D to all of its children’s cereals in the United Kingdom. The company cited a survey of pediatric dieticians in the United Kingdom that showed 82% of pediatricians have seen an increase in cases of Rickets in the past five years and 46% have seen cases in the past year.

“What’s worrying is that Rickets is the extreme end of the scale and many more children will be suffering from vitamin D deficiency, which can lead to other health problems,” said Alyson Greenhalgh-Ball, European nutrition director for Kellogg’s. “It’s important the government takes this issue seriously and recognizes the need for parents to be better informed about the risks of vitamin D deficiency. Health care professionals would like to see the introduction of a recommended daily intake so we are clear on exactly how much vitamin D children need in their diet to avoid these health issues. It’s also important that incidents of Rickets in the U.K. are monitored so we can understand the full extent of the problem.”