LONDON — Kraft Foods Inc. is planning to cut one in seven jobs at its U.K. chocolate plants, while also committing to invest £50 million ($78 million) to make biscuits for the first time in the United Kingdom, according to an article in the Financial Times. Previously, Kraft has made its Belvita biscuits in France and its Oreos in Spain. According to the Financial Times, the job cuts and investment both will be spread over two years.

“The ambition is for Bournville, Chirk and Marlbrook to remain at the center of British food manufacturing and of the Kraft Foods network,” Neil Chapman, manufacturing director for U.K. chocolate, told the Financial Times. “Kraft Foods has already designated Bournville its R.&D. center of excellence for chocolate. This announcement signals Kraft Foods’ plans for growth across the manufacturing network.”

Kraft currently employs 1,400 workers in its U.K. chocolate manufacturing business and 5,500 employees in total in the United Kingdom.