PORTLAND, ORE. — The Whole Grains Council, the Grains for Health Foundation and the Center for Public Nutrition and Development of China are partnering to organize a two-day whole grains forum in Beijing April 20-21. The forum will be part of the Third International Nutrition & Healthy Industry Expo.

Speakers at the forum will cover a range of topics, including:
• Definitions and labeling rules for whole grains in China, the United States and other parts of the world;
• Nutrition recommendations for daily whole grain intake in China, the United States and other countries;
• The latest research on the health benefits of whole grains;
• Market potential for whole grain ingredients and foods in China;
• Whole grains, local foods, and cultural traditions.

According to the Grains for Health Foundation, Dr. Hua Sun, a U.S.-educated food engineer and the North American liaison for the forum, will manage Chinese visas, provide free Chinese translation for companies’ display banners, and arrange low-cost translation services for other company marketing materials.

For more information visit the Grains for Health Foundation web site at www.grainsforhealth.org.