DECATUR, ILL. — Archer Daniels Midland Co. is expanding its flagship cocoa sustainability program, Socially and Environmentally Responsible Agricultural Practices (SERAP), into Lambandia, South East Sulawesi, Indonesia. The SERAP program provides training and financial incentives to help cocoa farmers implement sustainable farming practices.

ADM said the SERAP program will work with the Indonesian Cocoa and Coffee Research Institute to educate cocoa farmers about responsible and sustainable farming methods that enhance cocoa quality, and also will foster collaboration among farmers as they work to address social and environmental issues.

“The SERAP program uses a unique approach — combining technical training, financial incentives and a focus on social responsibility — to help improve the quality of life for cocoa growers and their communities,” said Scott Walker, vice-president and managing director, ADM Cocoa International. “By addressing the holistic needs of cocoa growers, ADM is working to ensure cocoa farming is a viable way of life now and for future generations, while also advancing the supply of high-quality products for our customers.”

ADM will collaborate with cooperatives to provide Indonesian farmers with technical training on bean fermentation, quality standards, cooperative management and market access. SERAP also includes a financial incentive scheme for cocoa farmers that awards bonuses to participants who continually achieve high-quality cocoa while simultaneously adhering to responsible social and environmental practices. ADM also will provide cocoa farmers with information regarding appropriate labor practices, the safe use of farm chemicals and disease prevention.

“As the third largest cocoa-growing nation in the world, Indonesia holds sustainability as an essential principle to ensuring the long-term future of our nation’s cocoa industry, and we are supporting a number of initiatives to advance this,” said Ir. Teguh Wahyudi, director of the Indonesian Cocoa and Coffee Research Institute. “Through this partnership with ADM’s SERAP program, we are giving cocoa farmers the best incentives to produce even higher quality cocoa beans so they can seek a better price for their crop and significantly improve their standard of living.”

Additionally, ADM has established a cocoa bean origination center in the “Cocoa City” of South East Sulawesi, Kolaka, to provide an easily accessible, central location for cooperatives to deliver cocoa before it is shipped to ADM processing facilities in Singapore, Brazil and the United States.