HARRISBURG, PA. — New World Pasta Co. is introducing Ronzoni Smart Taste pasta, which is high in fiber and calcium.

"We’re proud to offer Ronzoni Smart Taste as an innovative new line of pasta that combines great taste with nutritional benefits," said Dave Heimbecker, director of marketing for New World Pasta. "Ronzoni Smart Taste complements our Healthy Harvest Whole Wheat Blend pastas by providing a wide variety of great tasting and healthy pastas for the whole family."

The company said the new pasta line has three times the fiber of regular white pasta and the same amount of calcium as an 8-oz glass of milk. The company also said it is lower in calories and fat than traditional white pasta and has no sodium, preservatives or cholesterol.

The pasta comes in spaghetti, thin spaghetti, penne rigate, rotini and elbows. It is available nationwide for $1.69 for a 14.5-oz package.