DALLAS — Taco Bueno is rolling out a new Taco Bueno Choice Menu featuring nine menu items with between 150 and 450 calories. The menu includes fresco chicken soup, tacos, burritos and a Tostella. Taco Bueno is a Mexican quick-service restaurant concept with nearly 190 locations in Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas.

“Healthy dining is top of mind for consumers,” said John Miller, chief executive officer of Taco Bueno Restaurants. “Our new Taco Bueno Choice Menu was created to meet the demands of these health-conscience consumers and is perfect for those looking for lower calorie meals with fresh ingredients. Our extensive menu is constantly evolving to meet the needs of today’s consumers.”

The new menu includes:

• Fresco chicken soup, 280 calories
• BC fajita chicken and steak tacos, 190 to 210 calories
•BC soft or crispy chicken and beef tacos, 150 to 200 calories
•BC vegetarian black bean burrito made with vegetarian black beans, cilantro lime rice and pico de gallo, 440 calories
•BC vegetarian Tostella, 160 calories

Taco Bueno also has added the Taco Bueno Choice Kids Meal. The Kids Meal will include apple slices instead of cinnamon chips and a fruit smoothie to replace soda.