FLINTSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM — Achieving self-affirmed Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) status will allow a proprietary removable and degradable chewing gum to be sold in the United States, according to Revolymer Ltd., Flintshire. Food approval of the gum in Europe is going through its final stages, the company added. It expects the gum to be on shelves on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean in 2011.

The gum is removable from many surfaces and will degrade in the environment over time. It may be removed from clothes and shoes using soap and water and from hair using shampoo. Tests have shown 70% of the gum is removed by conventional street cleaning and any gum washed into the drain will degrade physically into minerals and other inert materials.

“Revolymer’s technology solves a very costly and environmentally challenging program,” said Roger Pettman, chief executive officer and chairman of Revolymer. “With U.S. food approval in hand and European food approval expected shortly, we’re pleased to see that the potential of our chewing gum is being recognized with regulatory approval.”