OMAHA — Food service operators may offer the nutrition of whole grain pasta with consumer-friendly appeal thanks to Ultragrain Pasta based on Ultragrain, the whole wheat flour that combines the nutrition of whole grain with the taste, texture and appearance of white flour, according to ConAgra Mills, Omaha. Ultragrain Pastas offer a mild flavor, smooth texture, lighter color and no brown specks.

ConAgra Mills and J.M. Swank, a national food ingredient distributor, offer Ultragrain Pasta. J.M. Swank has introduced five varieties. Penne, macaroni, rotini and spaghetti are made with 51% Ultragrain while a 51% whole 9-grain orzo is made with Ultragrain, Sustagrain, amaranth, quinoa, teff, sorghum, millet and other whole grains.

“Ultragrain was the forerunner in the mainstreaming of whole grains with products like ‘tastes like white’ whole wheat breads and snacks,” said Mike Veal, vice-president of marketing for ConAgra Mills. “And now with Ultragrain Pasta, there is tremendous opportunity to bring mainstream whole grain pasta to restaurants and non-commercial food operations.”

Bob Jansen, senior director of ingredient marketing for J.M. Swank, said, “Increased whole grain content and higher fiber are now possible in consumer-friendly pasta dishes thanks to the benefits of Ultragrain whole wheat flour. Our ability to create custom shapes beyond the initial products, such as bow tie and lasagna, only adds to the line’s versatility.”