SOLON, OHIO — Stouffers Farmers’ Harvest from Nestle Prepared Foods has introduced 10 new varieties.

The new varieties include seven single-serve items and three multi-serve varieties. The single-serve varieties include meat and sauce lasagna, vegetable lasagna, macaroni and cheese, grilled chicken fettuccini alfredo with a vegetable medley, grilled and parmesan pasta bake with a vegetable medley, roasted chicken and bowtie pasta with a vegetable medley, and spaghetti and meatballs with a vegetable medley. The multi-serve varieties include meat sauce lasagna, vegetable lasagna, and macaroni and cheese.

“Farmers’ Harvest is an excellent choice for people looking to incorporate more wholesome ingredients into their diets without sacrificing great taste,” said Christine Dahm, vice-president of Nestle Prepared Foods Co. “We’ve worked closely with our chefs on the goal of making Farmers Harvest recipes just the way you would if you made them yourself. We’re featuring wholesome ingredients like sea salt, whole grain pasta and olive oil, and we’ve even added vegetables to some of our favorites. The end result is a great-tasting meal that you can feel good about enjoying.”