BLOOMINGTON, MINN. — Schwan’s Consumer Brands, Inc. has introduced two new frozen pizza innovations: Freschetta Simply...Inspired Pizzas and Freschetta By The Slice.

“We know consumers’ tastes have evolved and they are seeking more flavorful variations in their frozen pizza selections, which until now is a need that hasn’t been met,” said Mary Brown, senior director of marketing at Freschetta. “With Freschetta Simply…Inspired Pizzas, we are elevating the quality of frozen pizza with distinctive combinations of large-cut vegetables, flavorful sauces and delightful varieties of cheeses and meats to create new varieties unseen before in this category. And for when our consumer is time-strapped, Freschetta By The Slice provides the perfect solution when seeking one perfect slice of pizza in minutes.”

The Freschetta Simply…Inspired Pizza features vegetables, such as roasted red peppers and shiitake mushrooms, and sauces and cheeses on a thin, crispy crust. Additionally, each of the eight varieties of Freschetta Simply…Inspired Pizzas is wrapped in new Fresch-Taste Seal packaging to lock in flavor while using 30% less packaging by weight than a traditional pizza carton.

Freschetta Simply…Inspired Pizzas are available in Hawaiian Style, Farmers Market Veggie, Harvest Supreme, Southern BBQ Recipe Chicken, Rustic Pepperoni Pomodoro, Classic Bruschetta and the limited-edition varieties of Tuscan Farmhouse and Chicken Bianco.

Schwan’s also has launched Freschetta By The Slice. The new product is a single slice, cut from a whole pizza, made with the same ingredients found in all Freschetta pizzas. The pizza slices are available in four varieties: Six Cheese Medley; Chicken, Spinach and Mushroom; Vegetable Medley; and BBQ Chicken.