NOBLESVILLE, IND. — Weaver Popcorn Company, Inc. is introducing a microwave popcorn brand made with olive oil. The new Weaver Gold line is available in two flavors: Movie Theater Butter and Parmesan with Italian Herbs & Garlic. The company said it expects to introduce Light Butter and Classic Butter flavors in the near future.

“Since popcorn is all we make, we are continually working to add new flavors to our line and make microwave popcorn healthier,” said Mike Weaver, president and chief executive officer of Weaver Popcorn. “Movie Theater Butter is a perennial favorite flavor, but we think popcorn lovers will be especially excited about new Parmesan with Italian Herbs & Garlic. That flavor gives a gourmet twist to microwave popcorn.”

By using olive oil instead of other types of oil, like the palm oil used by many microwave popcorn brands, Weaver said its popcorn will be lower in saturated fat. Additionally, olive oil is high in monounsaturated fatty acids and helps to protect against heart disease because it controls L.D.L. (bad) cholesterol levels, while raising H.D.L. (good) cholesterol levels. In addition, olive oil is high in polyphenols, a form of antioxidant.