LONDON — Premier Foods is planning several line extensions under its Hovis, Mr Kipling and Loyd Grossman brands.

Beginning in July, Premier will introduce four new varieties of its Loyd For One single-serve Italian cooking sauce. The new flavors include: tomato and mascarpone; spinach, ricotta and mint; spicy salami and chilli; and creamy mushroom and thyme. The Loyd For One line was launched in 2010 and has about a 4% share of the premium Italian cooking sauces sector, according to Premier Foods.

The remaining product launches are set for September.

Under its Hovis brand, Premier Foods will introduce Hovis Homebake, a range of Hovis branded part-baked loaves and rolls. The product line will include a white bloomer, a Granary bloomer, a pack of four white rolls and a pack of four Granary rolls. The Granary brand is exclusive to Hovis.

“Consumers are craving greater variety and better quality of part-bake products,” said Ian Harris, category controller for Hovis. “As the first major bread brand to step into the market we believe we can double the value of the sector by meeting consumer demand through our new range. Unlike plant bread, the £67 million ambient part-bake market is often bought as an incremental purchase. By simply getting current buyers to buy it once a month versus once every two months, we’d be adding £67 million to the sector.”

All the Hovis products will be made from 100% British wheat.

Also in September, Premier Foods said it will re-launch its Hovis toasting range with new packaging and recipes. The range includes thick crumpets, soft white muffins, scotch pancakes and fruity teacakes.

“Hovis has the potential to be a much more dominant player in the buoyant toasting sector,” Mr. Harris said. “It represents a massive opportunity and is currently second only to rolls in the other bakery, worth £167 million with all products in growth year-over-year.”

Tapping into consumers demand for portion control and reduced food waste, Premier Foods through its Mr Kipling brand will introduce Snap Packs, which are individually packaged slices of angel and lemon cake.

“Mr Kipling Snap Packs are designed to encourage shoppers to think of cake outside of the traditional teatime occasion,” said Diana Dorsett, category controller for cake at Premier Foods. “By increasing portability and versatility, Snap Packs offer greater portion control and reduce the potential of food waste. In addition, this new format fits perfectly into a lunchbox, creating a great sales opportunity as the lunchbox segment currently represents more than four billion occasions each year.”