BURLINGTON, VT. — Bruegger’s Enterprises, Inc. is adding a new lineup of sandwiches made on artisan Ciabatta bread as well as two new panini options: Turkey, Artichoke and Mozz sandwich or a Chicken Aioli Melt. “The new artisan-style Ciabatta continues Bruegger’s tradition of providing guests with delicious and exciting sandwiches,” said Philip Smith, Bruegger’s Top Chef. “This old world bread with a crusty exterior and chewy interior perfectly complements our new ingredient combinations but also adds a new, favorable option to any of Bruegger’s made-to-order sandwiches.” The expanded menu comes a little more than a month after Bruegger’s launched 15 varieties of its Skinny Bagel, which has approximately one-third of its center removed and contains 100 fewer calories than a classic bagel, Bruegger’s said.