THOMASVILLE, GA. — Flowers Bakeries is introducing five new items this summer, including new bagels, rolls and baguettes.

Nature’s Own Cinnamon Raisin Thin Sliced Bagels feature fewer calories than a standard bagel and have 4 grams of fiber, 110 calories per serving and are considered a good source of vitamins A, D, E and calcium.

Also under the Nature’s Own brand, Flowers is rolling out Nature’s Own 100% Whole Grain sandwich rolls and hot dog rolls.

Under the Cobblestone Mill brand, Flowers said it is introducing Deli Style Gourmet Rolls and 2 Pack French Baguettes. The Deli Style Gourmet Rolls are large, soft rolls dusted with cornmeal, while the French Baguettes are 8-oz loaves that are slightly softer and wider than a traditional baguette.

“We listen closely to our consumer and believe in offering them the baked foods they are looking for,” said Janice Anderson, vice-president of marketing for Flowers. “These new items certainly do that. The new Nature’s Own bagels and rolls offer nutritional benefits, great flavor and convenience. Our new Cobblestone Mill gourmet rolls and baguettes allow people to recreate a sandwich shop experience right at home.”