DAYTON, OHIO — Mike-sell’s Snack Food Co. has introduced five new snacks: Blazin’ Hot Crunchin’ Cheese Curls, Cheese Crunchin; Cheese Curls, Blazin’ Hot Corn Chips, Barbecue Corn Chip, and Smoky Mountain Barbecue Kettle-Cooked Potato Chips.

“Mike-sell’s has a long tradition of introducing new flavors to the marketplace that consumers desire, and we believe these five new products will not disappoint,” said Chuck Shive, executive vice-president of marketing at Mike-sell’s Snack Food Co.

The Corn Chip and Cheese Curl items have a suggested retail price ranging from 99c to $2, while the Smoky Mountain Barbecue Kettle Cooked Chips have an s.r.p. of $3.19.