ATLANTA — The Chik-fil-A quick service chain has introduced several nutritious meal options for children that feature grilled chicken nuggets instead of fried nuggets, a fruit pouch and a variety of healthy beverage choices. The company said it is the first quick-service chain to offer a grilled option as part of a children’s meal.

As part of its more nutritious side options, Chik-fil-A is adding Buddy Fruits Pure Blended Fruit To Go as an option. The Buddy Fruits are squeezable packages that contain 100% pureed fruit. Each has 60 calories and equals one serving of fruit.

Beverage options that have been added to the children’s menu include 1% milk and apple juice. The company has been offering lemonade and water as beverage options.

“According to reports from the Centers for Disease Control, Americans frequently choose convenience over nutrition,” said Woody Faulk, vice-president of brand strategy and design for Chik-fil-A. “This has created a greater likelihood of our children becoming overweight or obese. The reality is that we live in an on-the-go world where parents have limited healthy meal options for their kids on the way to and from recreational activities, school or other events. Our new Kid’s Meal reflects our commitment to helping parents strike a balance between nutrition, convenience and price. We want parents to know that they do have a choice at Chick-fil-A.”