PORTLAND, ORE. — Einstein Noah Restaurant Group on Jan. 30 announced plans to offer “kettle-style” boiled kosher bagels at all of the company’s locations in the Portland area.

The decision to begin offering boiled bagels, a traditional method of bagel making in which the boiling precedes baking, came after Einstein’s acquisition in November 2011 of Kettleman Bagel Co. in Portland.
Einstein said the Kettleman bagel original recipe will be offered at all Einstein locations in Portland and that the original Kettleman stores in Portland would be rebranded under the Einstein name. Three varieties of the boiled bagels, still to be determined, will be offered. Einstein said the move will double the number of Portland area locations offering boiled bagels.

“We've listened to Kettleman customers, and we are excited to be offering these three flavors to even more Portland residents through our Einstein Bros. locations,” said Jeffrey O'Neill, chief executive officer.
Kettleman Bagel, a five-store chain, was founded in 2006.