SEATTLE — Starbucks is expanding its line of small sweets with Starbucks Petites pies and tarts.
Starbucks Petites pies are made with fruit fillings baked into a crust, and the tarts are fillings covered in a shortbread crust.

“Customers coming in the afternoon are looking for more variety,” said Annie Young-Scrivner, global chief marketing officer for Starbucks. “Having products that are not only delicious but made from the finest ingredients is important to our customers and remains incremental to our coffee business. Starbucks Petites is no exception.”

The pie options include apple and cherry flavors, and the tarts come in brown sugar walnut and chocolate hazelnut varieties.

Starbucks also is brining back its Tribute Blend line of coffees for a limited time. The Tribute Blend line includes Aged Sumatra, Sun-dried Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea and Colombia varieties.