LOS ANGELES — First Beverage Group has announced the launch of Oatworks, an oat and fruit smoothie sold in a single-serve, 10.8-oz bottle. The launch will begin in Boston and San Francisco this month, and it features three smoothie flavors: pomegranate and blueberry, strawberry and banana, and mango and peach.

The smoothies are made from 100% fruit juice and puree, have no added sugar and contain PromOat, a proprietary soluble oat fiber ingredient developed by Sweden-based Biovelop. PromOat includes beta glucan, the healthiest part of the oat. Supplied as a white, taste-neutral powder, PromOat is also a functional ingredient that adds body to smoothies and fruit juices and may be used as a low-fat emulsifier for healthy dressings, sauces and mayonnaises.

Each bottle of Oatworks oat and fruit smoothie contains essential vitamins and minerals in addition to 2 grams of soluble fiber, equivalent to approximately two bowls of oatmeal.

“Oatworks speaks to consumer demand for healthy and functional oat-based products,” said Tom First, managing partner for First Beverage Group, the company that formulated and branded the smoothies. “Our strong brand name and clean packaging will create an exciting new opportunity for consumers and retailers.”