DALLAS — BonSavor Foods has introduced a line of flatbread products, including tortillas, wraps, pita and naan, at select Wal-Mart Stores locations throughout Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California, with plans to expand distribution to additional retail and grocery outlets in upcoming months.

“We created BonSavor foods because we saw a need for a product line filled with unique, international flatbreads that would offer simple ways to prepare a wide variety of meals and snacks that were both delicious and healthy,” said Christopher Plummer, chief executive officer of BonSavor Foods. “We had the idea to create a space in the flatbread category where we could continually add taste profiles from around the world and offer wonderful new solutions for consumer snack and meal needs. Since almost every country in the world has its own variety of flatbread, the options seem endless.”

The products range in price from $1.79 for a 10-count package of corn tortillas to $4.99 for a 10-count package of Carb Right soft tacos.