WASHINGTON — A document seeking to set the record straight on health issues associated with sodium content in food has been published by The Grocery Manufacturers Association.

On Jan. 12, the G.M.A. released "Sodium and Salt: A Guide for Consumers, Policymakers and the Media." The group described the publication as a ‘science policy paper" providing policymakers, consumers, journalists and health professionals with up to date information on the subject of sodium and salt.’

"The food industry takes seriously its commitment to develop products that provide choices for consumers interested in managing their intake of salt (sodium chloride) and sodium," said Robert Brackett, chief science officer for the G.M.A. "Companies are achieving lower sodium in products through extensive research, reformulation, new salt reduction technology and new product development. Thanks to these industry efforts, today there are more and more sodium- or salt-modified products available nationwide for consumers in the marketplace."