ST. LOUIS — Monsanto Co. said it has completed regulatory submissions to the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in support of its Vistive III soybean trait. The move paves the way for the company to eventually bring the product to market.

According to Monsanto, Vistive III soybean oil is more stable at high temperatures and has significantly extended fry life compared with commodity soybean oil or existing low-linolenic soybean products. In addition, Monsanto said the product eliminates the need for hydrogenation, resulting in foods with zero trans fats and reduced overall saturated fat content.

"This provides a glimpse into the next generation of biotech products that can bring direct health benefits to consumers," said Jerry Hjelle, vice-president of regulatory for Monsanto. "We also expect farmers to benefit from the premium pricing opportunity the market is likely to offer for the oil once it’s commercialized. And food producers should benefit from a more stable and more healthful soybean oil to use in its food products."