WASHINGTON — A food safety panel President Obama established has developed new regulations for eggs, poultry, beef, leafy greens, melons and tomatoes to help improve overall safety in the food supply, according to Associated Press reports.

The new rules include egg and poultry producers being required to adhere to new standards designed to reduce Salmonella contamination, the Food Safety Inspection Service increasing sampling of ground beef ingredients to help detect E. coli better, and the Food and Drug Administration recommending ways producers of leafy greens, melons and tomatoes may reduce disease strains and will require more strict standards in those industries within two years. Other rules include the F.D.A. helping the food industry to better establish a tracing system to track the origins of a bacterial outbreak.

The A.P. said the panel is expected to announce today that the F.D.A. and the U.S.D.A. will adopt the standards.

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