WASHINGTON — The American Bakers Association has reacted with concern to the approval of Enogen corn by the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

APHIS announced its approval last week to deregulate the Alpha-Amylase Event 3272 as requested by Syngenta Seeds, Inc.

“Data are still being gathered regarding the potential impact of 3272 on food production should there be cross contact,” said Lee Sanders, senior vice-president, government relations and public affairs at the A.B.A. “A.B.A. is concerned that should even a small amount of this new amylase corn trait make it into food grains, and subsequently finished products, it could dramatically impact food production processes and final product quality.”

The A.B.A. said its members met with APHIS administrator Cindy Smith on Feb. 9 and specifically discussed this concern prior to the deregulation announcement.

Syngenta has insisted it has established systems that will ensure Engoen corn will not inadvertently enter the food supply chain.