ANAHEIM, CA — Already 20 people have died in forklift accidents this year, reported Mark Aniello, Environmental Compliance and Remediation (ECR), Inc., Walnut Creek, CA, during the Tortilla Industry Association’s Technical Conference May 23-24 at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel in Anaheim, CA. During his presentation on “Implementing an Effective Safety Program,” Mr. Aniello discussed how a company should prepare for an enforcement agency safety audit.

Early in the speech, the president and CEO of the environmental health and safety firm offered that companies with effective management programs also have excellent safety programs.

In addition to identifying the cause of all accidents, companies need to get to the root cause of any near-misses. Mr. Aniello pointed out that in 75% of accidents ECR investigates, someone was aware a potential issue existed.

Furthermore, employees need to be empowered to report unsafe conditions without fear of retaliation.

He said he prefers when companies have daily communication between line supervisors and their employees, and companies should document this communication to show OSHA inspectors or other auditors.

Also, Mr. Aniello warned that, “If it is being written down, we need to make sure it is being implemented.”

Also, he said companies must make sure to take steps to eliminate any reoccurring hazard.