CHELMSFORD, MASS. — SunOpta Ingredients Group on April 2 announced it is notifying the Food and Drug Administration that its rice hull fiber is Generally Recognized as Safe for use in food and beverages.
SunOpta said its GRAS determination was based on the findings of an independent panel of experts, based, in part, on a thorough review of the existing scientific literature.

SunOpta described the product as a “highly concentrated source of fiber.” It may be used for the enrichment of products such as cereals, snacks, nutrition bars, bread, baking mixes and nutraceutical products.

SunOpta said the specialty fiber could have broad applications in gluten free products.

“Research has shown that following a gluten-free diet may result in a diet that is low in several essential nutrients including fiber,” the company said. “As the demand for gluten-free products increases, ingredients that are free of gluten and provide nutritional value will fill an important need.”