The Peerless Group, Sidney, Ohio, has introduced a precision depositor, a patent-pending product that uses a MassFlow design to increase deposit accuracy and decrease changeover time. In a test of 365-gram deposits of cake batter, the standard deviation of a piston depositor was 28.2 grams while the standard deviation for the precision depositor was 2.6 grams, which marked a 90% improvement.

"We developed our new MassFlow metering and independent scaling system to solve our customers’ problem of costly product giveaway," said Andy Hovancik, president and general manager of The Peerless Group. "Depending upon a customer’s volume, product cost and application, the Peerless precision depositor can pay for itself in less than a year by improving portion control and reducing deposit variances."

The depositor’s clean-in-place system scrubs and sanitizes the deposit path and uses less water than previous models. Since no disassembly is required, the clean-in-place system speeds up the sanitation cycle. The depositor uses programmable recipes and calibration at start-up. Operators may select from 25 recipes.

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