Panamore Spring, an enzyme preparation, offers bread manufacturers a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to the emulsifiers calcium stearoyl lactylate (CSL) and sodium stearoyl lactylate (SSL), according to DSM Food Specialties, Delft, The Netherlands.

Panamore Spring becomes the second product in the Panamore line. The first product, a substitute for the emulsifier DATEM, has been renamed Panamore Golden.

The enzyme activities in Panamore Spring have a combined action on the lipids naturally present in wheat flour, producing compounds that have emulsification properties. The result is a more stable, tolerant and shock-resistant dough and an end product with fine and soft crumb structure as well as good volume and extended shelf life, according to DSM.

Panamore Spring also may be used at lower dosage levels than SSL to deliver cost savings.

"For some time, the demand has been there for a more consumer-friendly alternative to chemical emulsifiers," said Caroline van Benschop, global product applications specialist for DSM Food Specialties. "SSL is widely used in bread making owing to its ability to improve the texture, volume and shelf life of baked goods. However, with constant consumer and retailer pressure for more natural ingredients, many bread makers are looking to remove such chemical emulsifiers from their formulations."

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