EDGEWATER, N.J. — Bon Vivant International has launched NutraSalt 66, which features 66% less sodium than common table salt, for food manufacturers, food service professionals and health care practitioners. The proprietary product is harvested from the Mediterranean region and includes natural salts and rich minerals from the Red Sea and the Dead Sea.

NutraSalt 66 may replace common salt in a 1:1 ratio. NutraSalt 66 offers a balance of sodium and potassium in ratios recommended by the Institute of Medicine.

"Every major health study on hypertension conducted in the past five years points to high sodium as a top health problem in the U.S.," said Laura J. Lefkowitz, an M.D. and nutrition consultant in New York. "It is no surprise that we must reduce the amount of sodium consumed by the public.

"In addition, potassium is what allows the body to excrete sodium. NutraSalt 66 is quite interesting because it provides the perfect balance of sodium and potassium without increasing the sugar and caloric intake."