The Beneo-Institute will act as an advisory body for customers and partners of The Beneo-Group for the entire product development process, from ingredient approval, nutritional composition and physiological effects to communications and labeling questions.

The institute will give the company’s customers and partners access to three business units: Beneo-Orafti, Beneo-Palatinit and Beneo-Remy. It will focus on the nutritional topics of weight management, digestive health, physical and mental performance, the effects of a low-glycemic diet on healthy eating and disease prevention, and dental health. The institute will consist of three teams of specialists selected from life science, nutrition communication and legislation/regulatory affairs divisions.

"Our customers and partners will benefit from the research being carried out into functional ingredients and the increasing detailed knowledge about these ingredients," said Yves Servotte, executive board member of the Beneo Group. "The transformation of this knowledge into dossiers for substantiation of claims and sound interpretation of regulatory challenges will add value and ultimately improve the efficiency of the development of new products."

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