COPENHAGEN, DENMARK — Danisco has launched a web site,, which features ingredients and substances that may contribute to a food product’s positive impact on the environment. The company said the web site is designed to help manufacturers find solutions that boost sustainable production within their food sector.

"Sustainability is becoming a competitive parameter," said Jasper Kampp, group manager. "We can show manufacturers how to make direct savings in resource consumption using our ingredients."

The web site is designed to guide food processors to opportunities within five climate-friendly categories — those that reduce energy, water or raw material consumption and those that enable material substitution and waste reduction.

Among the substances highlighted by the company is FoodPro Cleanline, an enzyme that reduces the number of cleaning cycles required in U.H.T. milk processing. The enzyme eliminates the need for harsh cleaning chemicals, reduces water consumption and boosts processing capacity by up to 15%, according to the company.

Cremodan IcePro is another example, as its functionality eliminates the need for a hardening tunnel in ice cream production. Other ingredients highlighted include Grindsted Carrageenan, for lower-temperature caramel production, and Grindsted Meatline, which creates the texture in a meat batter without nitrogen or carbon dioxide cooling.