ANAHEIM, CALIF. — National Starch Food Innovation introduced Novation 4300 and 5300 at SupplyExpo in Anaheim March 6. The two cold water swelling (CWS) functional native food starches withstand downstream processing such as heat, shear and recycling in a range of acidified foods, according to National Starch, Bridgewater, N.J.

The waxy maize starches disperse in cold liquids and produce a smooth, short, high-quality texture in salad dressings, sauces and gravies, and in fillings for bars, turnovers or pies. Novation 4300 is a finely powdered version for dry blending. Novation 5300 has a coarser granulation to blend into liquids without lumping.

"Our customers understand that consumers are looking for natural foods with simple-to-understand ingredients and smooth, appealing textures," said Joe Lombardi, senior marketing manager, Wholesome Ingredients, for National Starch. "Our latest Novation products give them the best of both worlds: a native thickener that appears as corn starch on the ingredient label, and outstanding smoothness in the final product."

Because of their heat tolerance, the starches yield superior results in foods intended for microwaving and steam-table use, according to National Starch.

"Unlike traditional modified starches, Novation 4300 and 4500 achieve their superior properties without chemical modification," said Joseph M. Light, senior director, Customer Solutions and Product Innovation, for National Starch. "Because of our patented technology, these unique ingredients deliver the performance the industry expects from premium specialty starches."