MINNEAPOLIS — The Food and Drug Administration has notified Cargill it has no objection to an independent expert panel determining sucromalt is Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) for use in food, Cargill said April 13. Minneapolis-based Cargill offers sucromalt under the Xtend brand. Sucromalt, derived from sucrose and maltose, provides the energy of glucose and fructose but with a lower glycemic response.

"The F.D.A.’s letter gives our customers added assurance that Xtend sucromalt is safe and is regulatory compliant for its intended uses," said Deborah Schultz, Xtend product line manager, Cargill Health & Nutrition.

Xtend sucromalt may be used in such products as cereal, cereal bars, trail mix, soft chews, yogurt, beverages, nutrition bars and meal replacement bars.