The new Flavor Spark technology uses vegetables and herbs to provide flavors to bakery products, especially tortilla wraps, according to Custom Ingredients, L.L.C., New Braunfels, Texas. The absence of heating retains fresh flavors and aroma.

Because of the encapsulation process, Flavor Spark may go through many cooking processes, including baking and frying. The technology may be encapsulated into various sizes of flavor bits and sprinkles for a range of food applications.

Flavor Spark savory flavors include herb and garlic, nacho cheese, goat cheese and herb, spinach pesto, chipotle, roasted red pepper, jalapeno, butter and habanero. Flavor spark sweet flavors include chocolate, vanilla bean, strawberry, cranberry, cinnamon, blueberry and cappuccino.

Flavor Spark also may come with omega-3 fatty acids or probiotics. For more information, call (830) 608-0915.

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